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More and more people are turning to listening to the radio over the internet or even on their mobile phones.

It is planned for the first half of 2010 to provide a regular radio "stream" to the internet so that local news, comment, and events can be broadcast around the area (and the world!).

This will indicate that the radio enthusiasts in the Lutterworth district are genuine in wanting to provide a truly local flavour to the programming helping to publicise your community activities and keeping you up to date with what is going on around the area.

Listening to "Lutterworth Online Radio"  

If you would like to listen to us on line it couldn't be simpler.
On this page, the "stream" from the embedded player below should start after a few seconds.
From any other page in this site, just click the Radio link to listen live "LISTEN LIVE!" link on the left.

If you don't hear anything from the player above (having clicked on "play" and "stop" a couple of times) or the Radio link to listen live "LISTEN LIVE!" link doesn't work, either we are not on-line at the moment or you may need to download a music/media player.

Whichever you might choose, the options listed here are available free of charge and clicking the link should open the player.

Play stream in WinampWinamp/iTunes
Play stream in Windows Media PlayerWindows Media Player
Play stream in Real PlayerReal Player

The streaming service is provided to us (and you!) free of charge in return for carrying the advertisments featured below.

If you wish to listen to Lutterworth Online Radio whilst you continue to browse the internet, it is recommended that you "retune" by using one of the Radio link to listen live"LISTEN LIVE!" links that open a new window specifically for extended listening.

Still no joy?

The Lutterworth Online Radio stream is carried on a slightly lower quality output on each of the following links -

Radio link to listen live

You will find embedded Wndows Media and Flash Players in the page (are we good to you or what?).
Please note you may have to resize the window in order to view the player.

If you continue to have problems, please contact Webb Meister - - for further help.

Performing in the On-Line Show

Content for "Lutterworth Online Radio" can be about any subject that you find interesting.
If you would like assistance in putting together a one off or regular "show" one of our producers will be able to give guidance to help you with any recording.

If you have music demo's or recordings you are able to produce yourself (profanity free only please), you can send them to Radio Lutterworth via email or post - the chances are you'll get featured in an on-line show as we develop the schedule to cover a 24 hour period.

If your recordings are too big for email and you have a download location, let us have it and we'll do the rest.
For music combos, a short (recorded or written) resume of your band's history and ambition would also be very useful for any subsequent features for which we might seek your involvement.

In fact, any information about your hobby, topic, band and/or your songs (include a press pack if you have one) can be sent to:

Radio Lutterworth,
c/o Garage Studio,
11 Cromwell Crescent,
Market Harborough LE16 9JN

Whilst we cannot guarantee to return all details sent to us, we will try.
We'll let you know the date and schedule of use where applicable.

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