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Biography of Joe Dodson

Station Manager
Radio Lutterworth

Take to the Air

Joe joined Radio Lutterworth at its outset in 2006 although he was not an accountant and did not show any particular interest or aptitude for involvement in boring administrative functions.

Whilst his major affliction is being an Arsenal supporter, Joe deals cheerfully with his significant disability of being partially sighted and registered blind.

His guide dog, Whispa, has the patience of a saint but would be more likely to lick you to death than brutally rip you to shreds if you started talking to Joe.

He came to the role of Station Manager early in 2008 following the untimely and premature death of his friend and mentor within Radio Lutterworth, Frank Davis. More than anyone Joe holds the principles that Frank established for the station as the fundamental basis of any activity or development.

Radio Lutterworth is there to be a community resource provided by the Community, for the Community.

Joe recruited the current management team from a disparate group of individuals who he felt he could "boss about".

Sadly for him, his mum has none of it and the others hide behind her.....

For the RSL in 2008 Joe pulled together advertising packages and all the technical requirements within a very tight timescale so that Lutterworth and the surrounding villages would have an FM broadcast coinciding with Feast Week.

Joe is not married and so qualifies as an eligible bachelor because he is, well, both a bachelor and eligible....

His interests include walking the dog, radio and Arsenal Football Club
(oh dear, I think that just put off the queue of lovely ladies....!!).

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