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Biography of Ian Fraser

Assistant Station Manager & Finance Director

Radio Lutterworth

Take to the Air

Ian joined Radio Lutterworth at its outset in 2006 because he thought his wife would be pleased to get him out of the house now he had stopped playing rugby.

In producing and presenting the twice weekly SRD Rock Radio Show, Ian created a new outlet for both classics of yesteryear (forgotten and well known) together with a showcase for new unsigned artists seeking radio airplay.

Throughout 2007 and the early part of 2008 the SRD Rock Radio Show could be heard on HFM in Market Harborough where Ian's co-presenter Tom Lathom can still be found. Sadly "creative differences" saw Ian decide to move on wondering why a "local" station did not seek to recruit and involve more "local" volunteers (c.75% perhaps?)..

Entirely separately, Ian had been in contact with Joe Dodson about how Radio Lutterworth might be taken forward. When Joe asked if he might rejoin the administrative side of things, Ian decided it was worth having a go.

Some say that Ian was born in a cave somewhere in Eastern Europe and raised by wolves.

Other rumours abound that he is never seen in direct sunlight because his body casts no shadow, he keeps bats as pets and only comes awake at night.

All we know for certain is that he is a technical, strategic and financial "whizz" who never pays expenses of more than 1.99 without a receipt!

Despite his plethora of major personality disorders, Ian is happily married with a dog and daughter, a motorbike, and two and a half cars.

Contact Ian via email -,

via this SRD Rock Radio Show link,

or even on MySpace at the SRD Rock Radio Show page.

Most of all, He ROCKS!!


EDIT - recently an independent blog writer - Beatlebabe - wrote a short profile on Ian, available to view here RL Blog - Meet the Man

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